He was born August 13, 1981 in Rize/Turkey.

Between 1998-2004, he completed his medical education in Karadeniz Technical University. After working as a general practitioner and health group president for a short period, he completed his ENT specialization in otorhinolaryngology at Istanbul Training and Research Hospital. After completing his compulsory service at Ordu University Training and Research Hospital, he resigned from the civil service. He started working in a private hospital in 2013.


Between 2013-2015 in Hospitalist Hospital

Medilife Private Hospital between 2015-2018,

After March 2018, he started to serve in his own clinic.

He is mainly interested in rhinoplasty and ear surgery.

He is an otorhinolarynologist who follows the innovations around him and closely follows both national and international meetings for rhinoplasty.

He has been a speaker and moderator in many meetings.

He is married and has a son.

He is an ordinary simple citizen who enjoys living in his private life, always living with his profession. Taking photos, riding bikes and motorcycles are among his great passions


Special interests: Rhinoplasty and ear surgery


Medical Publications

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