Hearing Disorders
Hearing disorders; is a condition that concerns all age groups from birth to the end of life. In other words, it can be seen in every period of life from birth to death.
Tonsil and Adenoids Surgery
Tonsils and adenoids are called lymphoid cells. It has a role in lymphocyte production. They are small due to immunoglobulins (antibodies) passing through the mother in the newborn. It begins to shrink after the 4-6 age range of applications at its maximum size, and then came the age of 12 are expected to disappear completely
Rhinoplasty and Health
Although rhinoplasty was perceived as an operation performed only by celebrities, it is one of the most common operations that are accessible by everyone today.
Snoring Treatment
Snoring usually occurs as a result of airway constriction caused by loosening of the soft tissues in the pharynx region of the respiratory cavity during sleep.
Rhinoplasty with Ultrasonic Piezo
Rhinoplasty is one of the most aesthetic operations in the world today. With the changing world, developing technology and increasing social media usage, people attach more importance to their appearance and the popularity of rhinoplasty operation is increasing.
Facial Plastic Surgery
Botox and Filling, PRP, Where is PRP used? Is PRP any harm? How often can I or should I have PRP?